Pfunky Griddle in Nashville

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The Pfunky Griddle, located  in a cute cottage house in the Berry Hill section near 100 Oaks,  my favorite spot is out on the screened in patio, surrounded  by lots of large trees, and a great funky vibe.  pfunky Griddle

Pfunky Griddle Make Your Own Pancakes

I don’t venture out to too many breakfast places because I want my breakfast on the slimmer side. The good news about the Pfunky Griddle is that YOU COOK THE FOOD on a griddle that is built into your table.

You cook your own pancakes, scramble your own eggs, crisp up your own potatoes.

If  you don’t want a lot of cheese on your eggs, and you want healthy additions like spinach and red onion that’s what you order. If you want to eat ten pancakes, they are all you can eat. You get both a regular batter and a multi-grain batter, which is the one we prefer. And, for $1 more, they have gluten free. Bravo for that.

They have a large assortment of ingredients for both pancakes and egg dishes. You can get very creative or just keep it simple.

Be prepared to crack and scramble your eggs and show the world how you can cook (or not). And, if you’re not in the breakfast or cooking  mood, they do have soups, salads and sandwiches which are prepared in the kitchen, except for the grilled cheese, which you get to grill yourself.

Every time  I’ve eaten at the Pfunky Griddle, I ordered eggs, spinach, cheddar cheese and red onion.  I first saute the onion, then add the spinach, top with cheese and then add in the scrambled eggs. The eggs are sold ala carte so you order as many eggs as fits your appetite.

It’s a little tricky figuring out how to scramble the eggs while someone else is making pancakes, but it’s still a lot of fun and I can control the amount of fat and cheese in my eggs and know that my hour working out wasn’t wasted. However, it’s  a little hard to resist the potatoes. They are a huge portion and I suggest sharing them.


You can get as creative as you want. The girls next to us were from Vanderbilt and had some fun creating their sorority symbol.

The next time you’re in the mood for funky breakfast, head over to the Pfunky Griddle, and just in case you want pancakes for breakfast, they are serving them for $4.99 every Wednesday till the end of the year.

The Pfunky Griddle is located at 2800 Bransford Ave. Nashville, TN 37204 near 100 Oaks Mall in “Berry Hill.” Closed Mondays. You can read more about the Pfunky Griddle at this article featuring the owner, Penelope Pfunter.

So tell me, would you enjoy cooking your own pancakes at the table, and what fun ingredients would you want to add?

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    1. Nick, I would never have thought of this and would be worried someone would burn themselves, but I see people at tables with kids and it’s just so much fun.

  1. I’ve not been back to the pfunky griddle since I went the first time this summer – need to go back! Soon!

    I’m a classicist when it comes to pancakes – whole grain batter, blueberries + some maple syrup and I’m set. Yum!

  2. O I love places like that!! Nothing wrong with preparing your own meal at the table as it does give you total control over what you put in your breakfast. Would love to have a place like that close by!

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