Nashville Symphony Show House Sneak Peek

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Nashville Symphony Show House

As part of a group called the Nashville Influencers, I was graciously invited to a true Southern affair, a tour and garden party of the Nashville Symphony Showhouse, open now for tour through June 28th.

When I pulled up to the home, I was greeted by these lilacs.

Nashville Symphony Show House

The house was so southern and approachable ( a farm house style), I almost thought it was a renovation of a home that was sitting for generations. This is a compliment to the architects, Wade Weissmann Architecture  and to award winning Castle Homes.

I immediately wanted to sip sweet tea on the large front porch.

The house is historically inspired, yet smartly built with features like a 50 year guaranteed metal roof.

When I walk into door, I immediately find my favorite part of the home, the kitchen. But first I take notice of the airy feel and light colors.

This is Nashville, a traditional town, and unless you are browsing the lofts of downtown, where modern and eclectic rule, a house of this size has to maintain some formality, while showing its chops to appeal to a younger crowd. It has to have a double story great room, and the colors must be in that cozy neutral palate. But, what has changed over the years are the wall paint colors. When I was faux finishing, the look was heavy, and the walls were dark, adorned with heavy drapery. Today, the walls are light, the rooms are airy, and the feeling is happier and more approachable.

I think I can fit half of my home in this eat in kitchen.  I adore the white cabinets and the marble countertops, because this is exactly what I want in my own kitchen. It’s being done a lot, but I never saw anyone use antiqued mirror for a back splash, and that’s where I fell in love. I tried to take a picture of it. You’ll notice the black spots (that’s the antiquing) and it looks so much better in person.
Nashville Symphony Show House

Glass doors add elegance to any kitchen, as well as the beautiful crystal decanters. This little bar set up again is exactly what I would want in my own home. The party can take place in the kitchen!

Kitchen at Nashville Symphony Showhouse

This kitchen island is 13 feet long, made of reclaimed white oak, and  seats a large family easily. It’s gorgeous. Look at the fireplace in the kitchen. Yes, that’s a dream. My friend is looking up at the ceiling because it’s so stunning.

Kitchen at Nashville Symphony Showhouse

If you walk into the room next to kitchen, you’ll find a large laundry room that looks bigger than most kitchens. It seems that the plans for this have been so well-thought out that even mundane tasks like dishes and laundry would seem effortless.

The Master Bedroom makes a strong statement with neutral grays.

Interior Designer, Julie Couch, gives us something to talk about with this hand-blown glass chandelier, metal bed, and very unique angel art piece. While the ceiling is farmhouse, the iron is certainly Southern, there is a bit of whimsy and yet newer cleaner lines in the room.

I can’t get this lighting fixture in the master bedroom out of my head. Not something you’d find in an old farmhouse.

Nashville Symphony Show House

Master Bath Nashville Symphony Showhouse

The bathrooms were equally pleasing and unique with vanities in front of mirrors, something so against the rules (what rules), and closets so tall (perfect to store off season clothing). I hope you can see the really cool floor in the second bathroom.

Master Bath Nashville Symphony Show House

Vanity at Nashville Symphony Show House

Simple white cafe curtains keep the room bright and cheerful.

Nashville Symphony Show House

The downstairs office was one of my favorite spaces, featuring a very modern desk with traditional pieces, for a very harmonious, eclectic feel. This desk is a show stopper.

Office at Nashville Symphony Home

Gold has made a great comeback in newer ways in the last few years and you will see it scattered throughout the home, often in surprising places. It’s now totally OKAY to mix your metals. I hope you know that, because it’s liberating.

Gold at Nashville Symphony Show House

Nashville Symphony Show House

The bedrooms upstairs are designed by Rozanne Jackson and the Iron Gate, and there is more to talk about starting with feathers.

Feathers for pillows and chandeliers add glamor.

Nashville Symphony Show House

This feather chandelier is whimsical, yet classical and I think it would fit into almost any kind of decor, modern or traditional.

Nashville Symphony Show House

In between the two upstairs bedrooms sits this gold case, featuring vinyl and more. It’s clever, fun and gave the upstairs some personality.

Nashville Symphony ShowHouse

Up the back stairs past the mudroom sits a spacious bonus room or man cave, whichever you prefer. There is a fabulous bathroom up here that I have no pictures of, but be sure to check it out. They used tiles that look like wood, (another new trend), but still very classic in style.

Nashville Symphony Show House

Bookcases built right into the walls in a very contemporary way with still a bit of rustic feel.

Nashville Symphony Show House

The wall colors are varying shades of neutral, feeling more modern and serving the artwork well. These hung in the master bath. So pretty. You can’t tell on the pictures, but they have unusual texture.

Nashville Symphony Show House

I have been a fan of marble all my lie. Now it’s being mixed and put everywhere. This is a great example of mixing patterns. I never grow tired of it and it’s aging patina will serve this house well.

Nashville Symphony Show House

I dream of a mud room where rainy boots and muddy shoes can find their way. This has elements of old, yet clean lines and looks so fresh.

Nashville Symphony Show House

I am clearly a Tennessee resident, as I seriously want a cow picture. My only question will be where to hang it.


The Garden Party

My two loves are food and flowers. My motto is you never have enough of either. We were treated to the talents of Carmen Johnston and Miss Daisy King, who is food royalty around here.

Carmen Johnston, gardener extraordinaire, serves as a garden lifestyle expert for the magazine, Southern Living,  the popular Southern Living® Plant Collection. She created the most spectacular garden party favors, by giving us four plants each and this container to build our own and take home.

Nashville Symphony Show House

Carmen is in the blue shirt, and this picture doesn’t do her beauty justice. Look at all the lovely influencers, truly a remarkable group of women.

Carmen Johnston

The beautiful container is growing and doing well, so far.

Container Gardern

Troy Marden was kind enough to give us each an autographed copy of the Southern Gardener’s Handbook, which I poured myself into for hours that very first night. It’s going to be my bible for my garden.

Southern Gardener's Handbook

The highlight for me was meeting Miss Daisy who catered the event. She’s queen around here, known for her cookbooks and her biscuits. Amongst all the treats, were scones with lemon curd.

Miss Daisy at the Nashville Symphony Show House by ANgela Roberts

Miss Daisy

The back porch is as inviting as the front porch, and the great room is right inside, making the house feel even more spacious. It’s the perfect entertaining house.

Nashville Symphony Show House

You can read more about the show house in Greater Nashville House and Home this month, and on one of my favorite Nashville decorating blogs, the Decorologist.

A special thanks to everyone involved in putting this home together and inviting us and extra special thanks to Forest Home Media who have spear headed this group of Nashville influencers, Nancy McNulty and Dana Tucker.

Important Nashville Symphony Show House Information

Location: Hunterdon Neighborhood: 2 Bridleway Trail, Nashville, 37215

Parking: There is on-sight parking

Open House Dates: June 12-28  11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. daily

Ticket Price:  $15

More Information at Castle Custom Homes


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  1. I was so sad I had to miss that event!!! I LOVE what they’ve done with the place. πŸ™‚
    Mostly love seeing Miss Daisy! I remember buying sandwiches from her!

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