Two Chicks with Some Flour Sweeten Two Birthdays

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Betsy is one of my sweetest friends. We met on a commercial design project that never panned out, but our friendship has lasted many years. Our birthdays are one day apart and this year we both had parties in the same week, and we both had the same amazing cake decorators.

We celebrated her birthday in music city style, at the Wild Horse Saloon, even taking the line dance lessons. We both have the kind of husbands that didn’t care that they were the only two men in a large group of women on the dance floor.

Her husband Eric, a super-talented singer, songwriter, is the guy who is bigger than life, introspective and extroverted, opinionated yet questioning. I always leave the evening thinking more deeply while wanting to bellow out a hearty laugh and see them both again real soon.

Her future sister-in-law, Alisha, showed up and took everyone’s breath away with a stand out cake that captured who Betsy is and what is important to her. If you look closely, you’ll see Betsy’s curly red hair that we all love her for. The cowboy hat is a reflection of “where” the party was.

Betsy’s cake had a number; my cake stopped having numbers when I was two.

One look to my husband and I think he understood how much it would mean to me to have a cake like that.

What is it about Birthdays?
I have had mixed feelings about birthdays growing up. My childhood birthdays were hit and miss, and so I often didn’t look forward to them. When Retro Rose did get me (in her mind) a special cake, they were ridiculously far from being appropriate.

Retro Rose wanted to see herself as a “cool” mom who was with the times. and ordered me a cake for my 21st birthday decorated with marijuana leaves.

And Retro Rose has never done an illicit drug in her life nor does she even drink! I’ll never forget looking at the cake and being unsure if I should break it to her that I had different vices, and was embarrassed about the icing of marijuana leaves, but I just decided to eat the cake.

And, then there was my 16th birthday, when my dad bought pumpkin pie to celebrate. You only get ONE 16th birthday and it deserves more than pumpkin pie.

Needless to say, when it comes to birthdays, I could probably have a few “Monk” sessions on the couch, but there are two girls in Nashville who have the remedy.

2 Chicks & Some Flour
Alisha Jones and Jamie Moore, of 2 Chicks and Some Flour in Nashville, attribute their talent, skills, and blessings to God. This seems so fitting, since through sugar, flour, and a lot of creativity, they have an uncanny ability to “see” what is important and honor that person’s special day. I don’t think they’ll be decorating any cakes with marijuana leaves soon, but they did a beautiful job with my spinach leaves and Betsy’s flowers.

They also do wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, or any other type of cake that you want to shout out “Big Celebration” with.

And, if you are wondering how they taste, you will not be disappointed. A beautiful cake has a lot to live up to. My cake was made with a brown sugar batter and cinnamon cream cheese icing. I thought people were going to faint from sugar rushes going back for more, which won out over my second choice of butterscotch with a secret ingredient.

Some of the cake flavors I would love to try include Macadamia, Orange, and Coconut. Some of the frostings that intrigued me included Italian Buttercream, Pistachio, and Whipped Dark Chocolate. They also offer Vegan, Organic, and Gluten Free cakes on special order.

Thank You Flour Chicks for your creativity and doing this cake with a 3-day notice.
Angle of Spinach Tiger

Now you can see why the spinach leaves would mean so much to me (beyond Spinach Tiger).

The first thing I noticed was my mac. We are inseparable.

I loved this apron and if I had my own cooking show, I would have to wear one just like it.

Cake Celebrations

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