Franklin Farmer’s Market – Yellow Doll Watermelon Salad

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Yellow Doll Watermelon Salad by Angela Roberts

If you hop on over to Summer Tomato, you’ll get a nice surprise.

First off, if you don’t know the blog, Summer Tomato, you are in for a real treat. There is nothing more enchanting than a San Francisco food blogger working on her PhD in neuroscience. Darya will give you the healthy truth about real food.

Every week she features local produce from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, and, I always think “I should do that with my market.” And, this week I did, except it’s all over at Summer Tomato. So hop on over and pay a visit, check out my guest post and learn about the Franklin Farmer’s Market.

And, since you came here, I’ve prepared a little refreshing salad, although not so traditional for a gal who likes to look backwards to the days when food was real and whole and fresh and tasty and not so scary.

The yellow doll watermelon was purchased from Rainbow HIll Farm. It has very few seeds and nice firm texture. The result of mixing the two together with a bit of thai basil and orange zest is almost cucumber refreshing. You might even throw in a few toasted almonds and toss with a drop or two of your favorite liqueur. I used chartreuse, keeping in that yellow mood. This is so perfect for the scorching heat we have been faced with.



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