Food Buzz Festival 2010 – The Beginning, Before the Middle and End

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Registration started with this batch of goodies and ended with even more. Read on.

This is second annual Food Buzz Festival. Food Buzz is not so easy to explain so I’ll use their words.

• They aggregate and curate 3.3 Million posts from 15939 food blogs to bring quality content into the spotlight.
• They partner exclusively with bloggers to provide content distribution and a community around our shared passion: food & dining.
• They partner with brands to provide advertising solutions via branding, sponsorship, and engagement programs.

As a food blogger, we can become a “publisher” hosting ads on our sites. Once a year, publishers are offered an opportunity to come together, eat, drink, and snap the most incredible food, while networking, loving on each other, exchanging ideas, all in the beautiful San Francisco and we are guests at each food event.

My Experience began as I came up to the street from BART. This sign stood out to me and I thought what a great way to start my trip, with a truth I believe. Good for a certain blogger, because on Saturday night I had a very bad experience and decided to turn the other cheek. More to come on what almost became a brawl at a fancy dinner.

Lucky me. My husband had a trade show here this weekend so we were able to come together. (AES Show).

First Stop Zuni Cafe: Our meal started with best caesar salad and ended with an incredible cheese plate. In between, the most tender spinach ricotta gnocchi, and a fabulous cheese. Not the best pics, but certainly food worth talking about. You can’t see the swiss chard, but it was the best I’ve ever eaten. When a bit of swiss chard is memorable, you know the chefs are brilliant. I could go back and eat this meal all over again.

Second Stop: Friday Morning: Bocadillos
The Foodbuzz Festival started out Friday morning as part of a focus group and a sneak peek into where Food Buzz is heading. The plans are huge, and the power of the “crowd” source (food bloggers) is striking. Each blogger is a part of a “whole” that moves as an impressive force in the food world, influencing the food movement in ways no one single “expert” critic or icon can.

Breakfast began with champagne and Spanish-inspired breakfast at Bocadillos, a tapas and wine bar. Ten bloggers and the staff of Food Buzz talked about the future of Food Buzz, as the champagne kept flowing starting at 9:30 in the morning. The staff at Food buzz are incredibly smart and committed.

Joining the focus group gave us a great peak into the Food Buzz Future, but I also made two great friends to pal around with for the weekend. Wendy of The Cupcakery and Niki of Salt and Pepper. Food is wonderful, but friends make it all taste better.

Friday Night: Street Fare of San Francisco
We loaded on buses, which took us to Ft. Mason, where we exchanged foodie gifts with each other. I received two bags of wild rice and a fabulous rub. (marinade that is). Thank you, …..I can’t wait to make this and blog about it.

Me, Wendy and Niki

Taccolicious. (I name their carnitas number one and number two of the night… That good). Their hot sauce is made with tumeric, which gives it a yellow color and new flavor.

Best Pork Sandwich in the World Greg of Sippity Sup Agrees

Other dishes we ate:

Lamb Cheeks
Ice Cream
Korean Tacos

And to think when I woke up in the morning, I was hungry enough to walk to the Ferry Plaza for breakfast.

Note: Yes, this is a lot of food, and sometimes I just took one bite. But, I walked between 20 and 30 miles each day, to counteract this special treat.

Next Post: Saturday morning at the Ferry Plaza, Saturday afternoon at an insanely over the top food pavilion.

See last year’s food buzz post here.

Spinach Tiger Entry 237- Angela Roberts – Food Buzz Festival 2010 – The Beginning Before the Middle and End

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