Cooking Bacon in the Oven

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cooking bacon in the oven

Cooking bacon in the oven is a time saver and a guarantee of even, crispy pieces. You don’t have to watch it in the frying pan, but the best thing I like about cooking bacon in the oven is giving the bacon room to stretch out.

I find it very difficult to fry long strips of bacon in a round frying pan. Sure we’ve doing it for years, but in the same way I discovered you can make sunny side up eggs in the oven, I discovered oven cooked bacon. In fact, if you do the bacon first, then break the eggs in that bacon grease and oven fry them, you will have the best “greasy in a good way” breakfast.

The secret for cooking bacon in the oven is to start with a COLD oven. You want the bacon to cook, slowly, evenly.

Make Oven Fried Eggs and Buttermilk Biscuits and wow, you have a breakfast. (Both recipes have video tutorials).


Cooking Bacon and Eggs

What’s your favorite bacon recipe? I love bacon in salads with grated cheddar cheese and avocado. I also love a good BLTA.

Cooking Bacon and Eggs
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Cooking Bacon in the Oven

Cooking Bacon in the oven is so much easier and more foolproof than oven frying.
Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Total Time22 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4
Author: Angela Roberts


  • 8 strips of bacon or however many you can fit
  • baking pan I like the jelly roll style
  • parchment paper for easy clean up


  • Lay a sheet of parchment on the baking pan.
  • Lay bacon across, trying not to touch, although bacon will shrink.
  • Put into a COLD oven of 400 degrees.
  • Check at 15 minutes.
  • Bacon will take 15-25 minutes (depending on your oven) You want to use a cold oven, so the bacon cooks slowly, evenly, and does not burn.

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  1. I’ve cooked bacon in the oven, but unlike Kayla I find it a way bigger mess than on the stove top because grease splatters on the sides and top of the oven and I end up on my hands and knees cleaning the oven before I dare cook anything else in it. GREG

  2. I will have to try this. I recently read a recipe for making bacon on the stove top where you start with bacon and water in the pan (I used a griddle), let it boil and then lower heat to let it cook. The fat renders and the bacon is tender and not overly crisp/burnt.

    Since we were trying to cook a full pound, my son tried making some of the bacon in the microwave. Much of the grease rendered and was absorbed by the surrounding paper towels – but the bacon was not crisp. So then we threw it on the griddle for a few minutes and it crisped up as nicely as the stovetop/water version – also tender and not burnt.

    Both methods resulted in delicious bacon – but the micro/stovetop combo took less time than the boiling in water on stove top. Now I will have to try the oven version and see how that compares. I love when cooking becomes a science experiment, lol.

  3. I love cooking bacon in the oven as well! It makes clean up so much easier! Especially at holidays when you have a large number of people for breakfast it makes it much easier in the oven. Glad to hear you do that also! BTW – your biscuits are the BEST EVER!

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