Alabama Beaches Girlfriend Getaway Part 3

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Alabama Beaches Girlfriend Getaway

Alabama Beaches Getaway

I recently told you where Girlfriends eat, and drink in the Gulf in my recent Alabama Beaches Girlfriend Getaway.  Then I told you about my favorite Orange Beach restaurant, Fisher’s.

Now I’ll tell you how I use all those calories to move and have fun.

Girlfriends Ride in Style and Comfort

Nissan Pathfinder In between the many laughs, many meals and personal conversations, we got to play.

First of all, we drove down to Alabama in style, thanks to Nissan, and this fabulous Pathfinder took us all over Orange Beach.
This was the most comfortable seven hour trip I’ve ever taken. I rode in the back on the way and felt as pampered as Miss Daisy, although I took advantage of stretching out. There was plenty of room for all the luggage that girlfriends tend to bring on trips.

Jamie Reeves of BlondeMoms Blog procured and car and did ALL the driving and she wrote a great review here. We can’t thank her and Nissan enough.


Girlfriends Live in Style During an Alabama Beaches Girlfriend Getaway

We were treated to lodge in the most beautiful condo provided by Gulf Shores Rentals. At over 2,000 square feet with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, I was lucky enough to wake up to an ocean view every morning. Here’s the link with all information about renting this amazing unit, Edgewater 72, from Gulf Shores Rentals.

There were two kitchens and enough space for four women (or two families) to live in luxury.

Gulf Shore Rentals in Orange Beach

The bedrooms in the front had separate sunrooms complete with lounge sofa and ocean view. What a way to work!

Visit Alabama Beaches by Angela Roberts

What’s Shared on the Kayak, Stays on the Kayak. 

My favorite activity on the trip was sharing a kayak with Des Miller of Stress Free Baby.

What we did on a girlfriend trip to Orange Beach. Kayaking at Alabama Beaches by Angela Roberts #orangebeach #wildnativetours

Wild Native: Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge Kayak Tour at Alabama Beaches

Our kayak excursion was with Wild Native through the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge.

Kayaking is a two man sport. It’s just you and your girlfriend with no netflix, smart phone, or others listening in. You rely on each other for strength and navigation, have to work in sync and you get to talk.

This is the best way to get to know someone and develop an intimate friendship. Secrets can be shared while crossing waters, which is its own kind of ambiance.

I highly recommend the Wild Native tours. If you’re new to kayaking, know that some parts of the trip require some strength in paddling, and that was my favorite part. We went out for a little over two hours, but you can opt for a three-hour tour. We saw dolphins, many birds, and a guided tour with many interesting facts. It’s peaceful, beautiful and one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.

On the way back we spotted a crab cage and had to check to see if there was a crab in it, hoping the crab fisher didn’t spot us.

Kayaking – What You Need to Know, What You Need to Wear

Wear a bathing suit with a cover up, knowing you will most certainly get a little wet at least once. No one on our guide’s tour has ever topped over, but everyone did get a little wet.

Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and light long sleeves to prevent burning. You will be required to wear a vest.

Understand that you’ll be using some arm strength for some of the trip, but it’s not too bad.

Girlfriends Do Yoga Together

There is nothing more earthy than doing yoga on the beach. The owner of Glow Yoga came and gave us a private class on the beach in front of our condo. Even the girls who were not yoga savvy, enjoyed this.

Glow Yoga on Alabama Beaches by Angela Roberts

Girlfriends Sail Together at a Sunset Cruise at Alabama Beaches

Climbing aboard a 53 foot catamaran with Sail Wild Hearts was a highlight of our trip. Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it, take another look at the top picture I took from the boat. The captain puts out an amazing appetizer spread and all you need to do is bring your own wine.

Cruise 3

Jamie Reeves is enjoying the food; Des Miller is leaning into the soon coming sunset.

Cruise Pics

Girlfriend Jacuzzi Time and Swedish Massage

We were treated to luxury massages at the Spa at the Beach Club in Fort Morgan. We got to warm our muscles up in a jacuzzi first and then close our eyes and relax to a swedish massage and aromatherapy treatment.

Where to Get a Massage Alabama Beaches by Angela Roberts

Girlfriends Walk and Talk, Stop and Shop at Alabama Beaches

This is one of the shops that took our attention. It’s located at the Gulf Restaurant which I wrote about here.

These are the things we had time to do in the few days we were there. There is so much more to Orange Beach.

You can gulf, fish, hike, bike, paddle board, parasail and ride on jet skis just to name a few.

You might be more the type to just want to lay on the beach with a good book and a cocktail.

In the midst of all these things you can do, take some time just to enjoy friendship, escape the every day routine and chores. A beach getaway can be just the thing a girlfriend needs to regroup, reassess, renew, and simply rest.

On the last morning, Susan and I took a nice long walk and Jamie snapped our picture.

Beach walk on Alabama Beaches by Angela Roberts

More on Alabama Beaches

Part 1: Where Girlfriends Eat 

Where to eat in Orange Beach Gulf Shores by Angela Roberts

My Favorite Orange Beach Restaurant, Fisher’s, can be found here.

Fishers by Angela Roberts

Des Miller did a great video encapsulating our trip. She’s a TV producer and vlogger, so go see what she came up with.

Visit Alabama Gulf Coast Beaches Facebook page for more.



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  1. My family group around the Gulf area and your beautiful pictures bring back a lot of memories. What a great place to relax, enjoy the natural beauty and be pampered for a few days!

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