Seared Tuna Encrusted with Dried Wasabi Peas from Mr. Spinach Tiger

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It’s been eleven days since I have posted anything and I have really missed the “publish now” button. I so enjoy coming here and sharing good food and good stories.

It’s not that we haven’t cooked.

We have celebrated two birthdays with food and cakes from scratch.

It’s not that I haven’t tried new things to tell you about. I have made my first spaghetti squash, and my first delicious praline frosting (very southern).

It’s just that I have been distracted. And, if you knew the story, you would understand. You can tell what a person values by where they spend their time. And, while for most of the life of this blog I have spent more hours than it probably appears, I have other interests in my life that involve people, specifically children. And, there are times I choose to put my time into what I value most.

And, this is how Mr. Spinach Tiger, who never cooks, but makes the best cappuccino in Tennessee, made me lunch.

It started with the most beautiful piece of tuna that I failed to take a picture of. He encrusted it with a combination of toasted sesame seeds, ginger and crushed wasabi peas, and he grilled it perfectly, in about three minutes.

Every time I look at this picture, I just want to bite into the screen.

I don’t have an actual recipe here. But, I wanted to share this with you anyway.

Sometime the story line is food a woman will love cooked by the man that married her.

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