I Love Dishes and a Winter Swap

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Can I tell you about my obsession with dishes? I don’t have a recipe today, but I do have some ideas on how to serve an elegant, light dessert and make your table look spectacular with an estate sale find. The dishes above are really for shrimp cocktail, and let’s be honest. When was the last time you were served a shrimp cocktail for dinner in a silver dish at home? I swooped six of these up for $5. I began to look for interesting ways to use them, and as my pink roses were starting to droop in the vase, I took the petals and put them where ice usually sits and served sorbet.

What would you put inside these beautiful silver dishes?

Silver dishes
In times where frugal is chic, and calories need to be counted, why give up style and a bit of sweet at a dinner party.

I see dishes as a work of art. I often think of the “creative process” in the making of a dish, how it would fit on the table, how it would function, and how it would look with food and without food.

Dishes stay in a family longer than cars and houses, and are often the first thing “unpacked” after a move. They are there when a baby is born and there to see that baby grow up, get married and come back home for dinner. They are passed down to loved ones, holding all the memories of many decades. I made a connection with the daughter who flew in from California to handle her mother’s estate. I purchased a dining table (that can seat 10 comfortably) and these shrimp cocktail dishes. We had a chat about food and Spinach TIger, and in that difficult time, found a way to connect. This is what a dish can do.

I was getting ready to retire these favorite heart dishes from my site, and then I spotted the big mother dish and scooped it up quickly for 65% off. Now I have to get working to create something that makes good use of something so cute.

I have a lot of memories around my Lenox Christmas China, a pattern my family started for me many years ago, remembering when I received my first dish and from whom. I inherited three different sets of china and I make sure I find ways to use them all, sometimes mixing the sets up, or just using a platter.

I purchased this handmade pottery for $1 and it’s been on my counter counter for 12 years.

I put these two dishes together that are from different sets and was inspired to make a mosaic tray to match. I get these out when I need a real boost of color and energy.

I often look through thrift shops and yards sales and I turn the dish over, looking for a signature and date, enjoying handmade pottery.

Everyone loves this dish I inherited from my favorite aunt. It is original retro, and very fun!

Wednesday Winter Swap – Thanks Kayte at Grandma’s Kitchen Table sent me the following items for our winter swap.


No matter that I’m running out of space, I continue to shop for dishes and anything “kitchen.” I happily participated in a kitchen winter swap, and it was fun to shop for the Michelle of Big Black Dog, and you can see what she received here on her site. The fun of this was that I had joined the group after they had exchanged names, but Kayte at Grandma’s Kitchen Table did a little behind the scenes arranging to include me as she took my name and gave me Michelle’s name.

The cat holds string: how cute is that? The box also included a yankee candle, and a tiny measuring cup that never gets put away, beautiful dishtowels and my favorite..a nutmeg grinder. I use nutmeg on a daily basis; how did she know it would be such a perfect gift.

You might want to arrange a fun swap with your favorite foodies, bloggers or group. What’s YOUR favorite kitchen gift for thrift store find?

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