Thomas Drugs Old Time Soda Fountain Operating Since 1930 in Crossplains,TN

When I tweeted about my little trip to Cross Plains to go to Thomas Drugs, I especially liked what Leah of   So How’s It Taste said on Twitter:

“I like those old timey soda fountains.”

Leah told me about Bradley’s Kountry Acres located near Portland, Tennessee and off I went the very next day to pick my own. We remembered another couple had told us that we must visit Thomas Drugs in Cross Plains and experience an old timey soda fountain. That sounded like a good idea after a few hours in the strawberry patch.

Established as a drug store in 1928, Thomas drugs continue to stay open for business (modernizing it’s pharmacy operation) but keeping everything else the same, including the soda fountain that served it’s first ice cream soda in 1930.

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As we sat at the counter, eating burgers, egg salad sandwiches, and grilled cheese, we anticipated the arrival of homemade milk shakes and my personal favorite, an ice cream soda. This brings me way back to childhood memories of the nights my grandfather would treat me and my brother to ice cream sodas at the local drug store. I love vintage joints and it was everything that couple said it would be, from the antique fixtures, to the friendly servers.

The milk shake is big, filling this soda glass twice.

Thomas Drugs is locally owned, in a town that could be Mayberry, except there is probably always a tourist or two coming in to experience the old timey soda fountain.

The sandwiches were good and just like I remembered eating lunch at the counter of our corner store growing up.

Browsing around the store, they have some interesting gift items. I loved this sign.

I want these Christmas salt and pepper shakers. Time to start early shopping in May!

Red doors are always the friendliest.

Head out to Cross Plains and make a day of it.  Visit Bradley’s Kountry Acres in Cottontown (near Portland) for some fresh vegetables and fruit picking. Get a soda fountain treat at Thomas Drugs, then head next door to shop at the Historic Corner House Antiques, which was enchanting enough to get the next post and I’ll make an announcement about a special event coming up in Cross Plains in June.

Tell me, do you have a place in your town that has preserved a fun part of old time food culture?

Thomas Drugs on Urbanspoon

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8 Responses to Thomas Drugs Old Time Soda Fountain Operating Since 1930 in Crossplains,TN

  1. Love these old fashioned shops Angela. My favourite is a traditional vanilla milkshake…rich and creamy. Oh! and that sign about Facebook is priceless!

  2. Lora says:

    I LOVE this place. How fabulous!

  3. sounds like a great place! by the time we went last weekend, they were already closed, so we only got to check out the outside, not experience the awesome food + milkshakes. we’re already planning to go back sometime soon to sample the food/drink!

  4. Oh my! It reminds me of those places that you see in tv shows. One of my favourites is Ghost Whisperer as I am in love with the (fictional) town it is set in. By the way, I was in Rome yesterday and I thought of you! :D

  5. Sippitysup says:

    I love places where everything stays the same (except the prices of course!) GREG

  6. Angela, wonderful road trip story. I absolutely love your photos and now am planning a quick road trip of my own to Crossplains to have a Milk Shake! Stay Cool.

  7. I remember paying 10 cents for a chocolate egg cream and a pretzel stick at our drug store when I came to this country…it was so different and I was hooked….

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