Bakery Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the bakery?

This is a home bakery, located in Franklin, TN (Curb Side Pick-Up).   

How do we pick up?

Pick up is Friday afternoon. If this doesn’t work, call or text us for possible different arrangements.

Let us know what time we can expect you. If this changes, please tell us, as we may not be home if you come outside the arranged time. Text when on the way.  

Please remain in your car. Text upon arrival. We deliver to your car wearing a mask. We ask that you also wear a mask to receive the cake.  We ask the same of every person so that we can ensure safety for all.   

What do you offer?

Lala Cakes, our unique version of a cupcake, which comes in various flavors. 

Celebration Cakes – Cake with Buttercream Frosting

  • six inch double layer (feeds 6)
  • 6 inch triple layer naked cake (feeds 12-14)


Chocolate Chip sold by the dozen only

We will sell half dozen if it’s an add-on to an order

Biscuits (Availability is limited)

  • Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Our Bakery Page of flavors here.

Why do you make cupcakes flat?  The Lala Cake.

Originally, I was looking for a cupcake liner that would make a good individual Texas sheet cake. I needed a flat top to pour the frosting on and found these wonderful tart cups. I realized that these are the perfect size for mini-cakes. They are easier to apply an even amount of topping. They are easier to eat, easier to cut in half or share.  The batter is the same amount used in a regular sized cupcake. Each cakes is approx. 80 grams prior to topping.

What are the ingredients used?

Main Ingredients: The flours used are almond flour, coconut flour, eggs, avocado oil, butter. The sweetener used is Swerve. We don’t use butter in the cakes, (except for butter cake), and some muffins are dairy free.

What is Swerve, the sweetener do you use?

I use powdered erythritol. The brand I use is Swerve, which comes in granulated and confectioner’s. There is no calorie count. The carbs listed on the package end up being net zero, because they pass through the body. This article I wrote about Swerve explains this more. 

I never use xylitol (dangerous to dogs). I also do not use any form of aspartame (such as Splenda) and I choose to not use stevia (as I find it bitter). Erythritol (sometimes the addition of monk fruit)  are the only forms of sweetener that we use outside of a scant amount of blackstrap molasses used to make brown sugar.

How can you ensure the macros?

We do our very best to bake consistently. We weigh our flours prior to baking. We weigh each Lala cake so that they are the same size. We use My Fitness Pal to do the macros. We eliminate the Swerve from carb count because, for our purposes, those carbs and calories do not count. We list the net carbs, which is achieved by subtracting the fiber from the carbs.  

What fats do you use?

I use avocado oil, olive oil, butter. We never use canola oil, corn oil or coconut oil. We do use coconut oil baking spray.

Why do you use xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum helps bind the cakes and keep them from falling apart. You can opt out if you order a whole dozen of same flavor.

Why are the products pricey? 

The ingredients used for keto, grain-free baking are far more expensive than regular ingredients. For example, almond flour costs 5 times more than all purpose flour. Swerve is 10 times more than sugar. Avocado oil is much more expensive than canola oil.  We feel it’s worth it to bake this way and you are worth it. 

How do I pay for my order?

You must pay in advance with either PayPal or Venmo. Please pay upon ordering. No order goes in our system without pre-pay, just like any other food ordering company. We can take credit cards if necessary.

How do I Place an Order?

Please text Angela at 615-812-1501. If an order in unclear, she can respond immediately. Do NOT email an order. Do NOT place an order on instagram or facebook. Only orders that are texted will go in the sytstem.

Why do you use a text order system?

We like to see ourselves as a local, custom keto bakery with a personal touch. We change flavors every week, and when we see we have a new customer, we like to have a phone conversation to make sure your needs are met.  An on-line system would not allow us to create the relationships with customers.   Also, we see other cottage bakeries get orders from several different media, like facebook, instagram, email, etc. We could not operate efficiently that way.

We believe in serving our customers in a professional manner and responding to inquiries and orders immediately! Text allows for that and in most cases, you will get a response within ten minutes. 

We have a lot of repeat customers. It’s very helpful for us to keep one continuous thread per customer. 

Do you deliver?

Due to our participation in farmer’s markets, we have very limited delivery, done on individual basis.

Do you make cakes low-fat?

No, keto cakes by nature must be made with fat. The fat in our bakes mainly almond flour, avocado oil and butter. If you are looking for a low-fat option, this is not the right bakery for you. Low fat cakes are usually made with a lot of added sugar.  

Do you make cakes dairy free?

Some cakes are dairy free, such as orange, lemon and pumpkin. You have to ask for the toppings to be dairy free, as some toppings include butter. We can make a water glaze that has no butter. Blueberry muffins can be made dairy free by request, but you would have to order a dozen, as the usual recipe includes sour cream. Always feel free to text and ask.

TEXT ME at 615-812-1501.

What is the deadline for weekend orders?

Tuesday at midnight. Pre-ordering and pre-paying helps us to plan and fill all orders. You can always text to see if we have any Lala cakes in the freezer. We will NOT have celebration cakes available unless pre-ordered a week in advance.

What is the deadline for celebration cakes?

We prefer a week’s notice. We understand that birthdays don’t fall on weekends only, so please get your orders in if you need to pick up on the day of your choice.

What is a celebration cake?

A celebration cake is a tradition layer cake, and we have various sizes. The most popular is chocolate with a vanilla buttercream but we have other flavors. Look Here.

We would like to discuss your needs with a phone call. 615-812-1501. 

  • Chocolate w Vanilla
  • Vanilla w Chocolate
  • Lemon Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Pumpkin (seasonal)
  • Coconut

Where can I find the macros?

You can find all the ingredients and macros here

Are the baked goods gluten free?

Yes, all our keto products are gluten free. However, we do not have a certified gluten free kitchen. We have regular flour in our pantry, but we do not bake with it while we are baking, decorating or packing our bakes.

Do you use peanuts in the baked goods?

We do not use peanuts to bake, but we do use peanut butter the weeks we are making peanut butter frosting. Let us know if you have a peanut allergy. 

Can we get the recipes for these keto baked goods?

Many of these are on the blog if you take a look around. Subscribe here for over 1300 recipes.

I started a blog in 2009. It has since evolved as I have become gluten free. Our family went grain free and sugar free three years ago, and we decided we loved this way of life, and my friends would rave about my grain free, sugar free desserts.

I am that odd person that is a savory cook and also a baker. I was fairly proficient at baking prior to going grain free, which has helped me understand how to make a keto product taste good. Switching was a huge challenge, but my success was really reliant on knowing how to bake regular baked goods. I know what a good bake should taste like, as I was “from scratch” baker.

We believe our keto bakes rival regular wheat based, sugar based baking because I will spend weeks testing a recipe and sending it out to taste testers for that final approval. People that know my food blog, know I have a reputation for testing a recipe up to 12 times to get it right. Even after 15 months of owning this bakery, I am still tweaking the recipes to get them perfect. 

My main learning has come from doing, but also reading through many regular wonderful baked good recipes to study the ingredients and what it takes. I believe God has gifted me with a palate and an understanding of how to translate recipes into healthier bakes, and it’s my pleasure to share these with you.

Do you teach classes? Will you ever open a store?

We will bring classes back in the Fall.

As far a store-front, I have no plans for that endeavor. However, we can be found at various farmer’s markets.

  • Nolensville Farmer’s Market – every Saturday 8-12
  • 12 South (3000 Granny White) – Most Tuesdays 4-7

Our Bakery Page of flavors here.