Measurement Conversion Chart for Baking from Spinach Tiger

Measurement Conversion Chart Cups to Grams to Ounces

Measurement Conversion Chart for Cooking from Spinach Tiger

You will need a digital scale. I’ve had mine for years and use it almost every day. You will get a better result when baking. Why? Because we all tend to pack down the flour when we scoop, which will cause baked goods to be dry.

Cups/Grams/Ounces (Please note this varies by brand. Look at the package. See how many grams per 1/4 cup. Times that by 4 for grams per cup, if it is different from below.)

1/8 c (2 tbsp)16 g.563 oz
1/4 cup32 g1.13 oz
1/3 cup43 g1.5 oz
1/2 cup64 g2.25 oz
2/3 cup85 g3 oz
3/4 cup96 g3.38 oz
1 cup128 g4.5 oz


1/4 cup of Butter57 grams
1/3 cup of Butter76 grams
1/2 cup of Butter113 grams
1 cup of Butter227 grams


1/4 cup of Sugar50 grams
1/3 cup of Sugar67 grams
1/2 cup of Sugar100 grams
1 cup of Sugar


1 cup Brown Sugar

200 grams


192 grams