Healthy Honey Spelt Pancaks by angela roberts

Healthy Honey Banana Spelt Pancakes

These healthy, honey banana spelt pancakes are simply delicious because spelt flour is nutty and flavorful. While it is an alternative flour, and has fragile gluten, which may be okay for people with gluten sensitivity, but it does have gluten. Another Retro Rose Moment: Retro Rose: I'm eating gluten free now. Me: Great, but didn't you just eat toast. Retro Rose: Yes, but I'm having gluten free crackers for lunch. Look see the box. Me: Okay, but the toast had gluten. Retro Rose: Just a little bit. Me: No wonder the chiropractor asked me if I was dropped on my head. My chiropractor ...

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Arugula Hash & Baked Eggs by Angela Roberts

Arugula Hash with Oven Baked Eggs

  This beautiful arugula hash with oven baked eggs is not a product of genius or organization. It's certainly pretty to the eyes and satisfying to the taste buds, but it wasn't created with finesse or thought. I've been reflecting on the past six years of over 600 recipes. As I scroll though the photos, a part of me gets a little impressed. It's a body of work to be sure. But then a part of me wishes I was more organized, more intentional, and truthfully, more creative. I find myself falling into the same ruts that anyone else does in the kitchen. I could actually get intimidated by ...

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