Superbowl Recipes by Angela Roberts

Superbowl 2015 Recipes, Paleo Friendly and Not so Friendly

It's a rush to the appetizer category to find the best Superbowl Day recipes because the game is really all about the food and the commercials. Half-time is the best time, because that's when the big food comes out. Maybe something like this mock porcetta served with crusty rolls.  This is not my first superbowl food post. You can see what I selected for you in the 2011 superbowl post and my Italian superbowl pics from 2014. This year I'm going to start with Paleo Picks because it's still January, and you might have committed yourself to a grain free, gluten free, sugar free, ...

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Honey Sesame Chicken by angela roberts

Paleo Sesame Honey Chicken Tenders

Sesame Crusted chicken tenders drizzled with a little bit of honey are crunchy like chicken tenders should be and make a great party food.  No one will know that these fit the paleo, grain free diet plan.  I know wings are the ultimate party food, but these are easier to eat and more kid friendly. Serve them on sticks or skewers. There are lots of different dipping sauces you could use instead of honey, but the honey is so good on hot chicken. Game day is right around the corner. These are a great game day choice instead of wings. You can make them ahead, leave honey off, reheat and ...

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