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Lattice Crust Pie Made with Fresh Bing and Rainier Cherries

July is one of my favorite months of the year. Summer fruits make me sing songs and bake pies on a daily basis. Peaches, berries and cherries accompany long, sunny days where people are in good moods, only made sweeter … Continue reading

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Book Review and Give Away: The Hip Girls Guide to the Kitchen by Kate Payne

The Hip Girls Guide to the Kitchen by Kate Payne is something every modern kitchen needs. It’s not a cookbook, although there are a few recipes. It’s a foundational book to help the modern girl get her kitchen started. Not … Continue reading

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Black Bottom Cupcakes from Pastry Chef, Alisa Huntsman

Black bottom cupcakes combine three favorite ingredients, chocolate cake, chocolate chips and sweet cream cheese. Pretty to look at, easy to make and moist and gooey to eat, they are a perfect dessert to bring to a party or picnic. … Continue reading

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Cookbook GIVEAWAY for Irish Pantry and Recipe for Stove Top Irish Soda Bread Farls

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day, I’m giving away the Irish cookbook,  Irish Pantry, by Noel McMeel to one lucky reader who resides in the United States. Sue has won the cookbook. Of all the cookbooks I get sent to take … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Nashville Chef’s Table Cookbook and Recipe for Cajun BBQ Shrimp

I’ve talked about a few cookbooks here at Spinach Tiger, but none excites me as much as the Nashville Chef’s Table Cookbook, because I know the restaurants and I’ve had many of these amazing dishes. Please enter the GIVEAWAY below. … Continue reading

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A Year of Cooking Italy with Marcella Hazan

Marcella Hazan, an  International Italian cooking legend,  passed away at the age of 89 on September 29th. Not only much loved by the world, as shown on social media, she truly holds a special place in the hearts of food … Continue reading

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Autumn Cocktail with Roasted Butternut Squash-Infused Vodka and Book Review for Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry

An Autumn Cocktail made with butternut squash-infused vodka is just the thing to help us gleefully put the summer sandals away, get out our warm sweaters and turn on our ovens to roast butternut squash. The squash is not for … Continue reading

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Why My Husband Went Paleo Primal and Special Deal on Health Bundle

This is a post from Doug Roberts, Mr. Spinach Tiger. It was specifically his success that inspired me to to offer this amazing health bundle. See those details below. When I was offered an opportunity to promote this, I hesitated, … Continue reading

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Cornflake Crusted Baked Chicken Tenders and Cookbook Review for Breakfast for Dinner

Cornflake Crusted Baked Chicken Tenders are my go to chicken recipe when I’m looking for a snack for kids, lunch for anyone or an easy dinner. The baking, not frying, blew me away because they were just as crispy to … Continue reading

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Mock Porchetta with Root Vegetables, the Best Roast Pork You’ll Ever Eat

This is premier man food that any sensible meat eating woman would love too. I am not exaggerating. The Italian flavor profile of rosemary, sage, thyme and fennel  is seductive enough to destroy any low fat diet, and paired with … Continue reading

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How to Tenderly Grill Boneless Chicken Breasts and Hazan Family Favorites Cookbook

Have you noticed the kind of stuff that trends on twitter?  It used to be good, relevant. Last week,  “If I had  a gun” was trending. I think twitter should have a different category for viral stupidity and relevant trending. … Continue reading

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Red Velvet Cake Says Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

If you want to say Merry Christmas from Nashville, you do it with red velvet cake. If you want to acknowledge the birthday that is Christmas, you do it with Red Velvet Cake. And, if you want to throw in … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Corn Pudding

This is a long post for a simple dish, and I hope you stick with it and discover a special piece of culinary Americana you may not know about. I grew up in Amish country in a fabulous and diverse … Continue reading

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Matzo Ball Soup and a Great Jewish Cook Book

We ate out a lot growing up and in many great high end hotel restaurants, but the mention of going to the R & L Deli was at top of my list for a special night. I always ordered the … Continue reading

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An Interview with Giuliano and Lael Hazan

Cook book give away: I never set out to cook from a cook book. Spinach Tiger was going to be all about “creating” my own recipes, taking culinary freedoms mixing and matching ingredients and cuisines you’re not supposed to, like … Continue reading

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Rosemary Bread – Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes

If you are afraid to bake your own bread, try this bread. It’s fabulous and it will be gone quickly. It’s no fail. It’s no knead. And, you can put your own spin to it. I did by adding in … Continue reading

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